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"Currently making a change in Lebanon"

Country Ambassador Glenys - India

Who is Glenys?

I’m Glenys D’Souza, a 20-year old student who loves learning about new cultures, languages, music and movies.

I am currently in Lebanon, working with people whom have special needs for the next ten months as a part of my gap year program. Everyday I see more and more people breaking stereotypes and taking the extra step to achieve their goals.

Although Lebanon it’s a unique country, I love finding similarities in little things every day that unite people across seas.

Who is an inspiration of yours?

One of my biggest inspirations right now

are teachers. Despite the difficulties that were faced during the pandemic, they continued to teach and find ways of connecting with their students. Especially in the countries that were struck the hardest last year, I look up to the teachers who kept at their work and continued the process of Educating.

What change do you wish to see in your community/country?

I wish to see an increase in the number of women engaged and encouraged towards pursuing a career in sports. I know a lot of people who let go of their dreams because of the uncertainties and lack of opportunities, professionally. A strong push towards sports for young girls would be a change I would love to see.

Where should we eat if we come to your community?

In less than 3 months I fell in love with Lebanese food and if you ever visit Lebanon you should definitely go to Pierre and Friends. You can also take a quick dip (mind the rocks) before having a great meal!




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