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In February 2020, Johanna Friman and Vendela Barck founded Pamoja Girls. The aim is to make girls all over the globe believe in themselves and each other. The mission was to create a book for organisations, schools, social initiatives and entrepreneurs. 


Today the Pamoja Girls Book sparks informal discussions around topics such as "My boobs", "My family" or "My role models" which we believe will in turn empower all girls to find their self-worth and individuality.

156 female volunteers aged 18-to 35 made the Pamoja Girls Books possible by creating the content. Country Ambassadors from 31 countries have represented us in their communities, schools and initiatives. Our Country Ambassadors have held workshops in their locations to make sure that the material is accurate for every teenage girl regardless of whether they’re located in Sao Palo, Jakarta or Copenhagen. We share the common understanding that this is something we lacked growing up and believe strongly it will benefit all girls regardless of background. Together, we’ve overcome distance, time zones, language barriers and cultural differences and we’ve united behind our common goal of empowering girls for generations to come.

"We launched the Pamoja Girls Books in December 2022. Today, female youth leaders all over the globe are using the materials in the Pamoja Girls Books on a weekly basis to empower their young girls. They also join our Leaders Community to connect and grow with like-minded leaders all over the world. Together, we are making a change!"

Pamoja Girls Books



We believe that if more teenage girls can meet and discuss topics that unites girls, the world be a better place. By providing an opportunity for young girls to discuss topics together with other girls and find their own right or wrong, without anyone telling them what to do or think. An opportunity for girls to become their own friend.


We create learning material as a basis for starting discussions and bringing girls together in our communities. We collaborate and create partnerships with social organisations, communities, and NGOs worldwide to provide them with material to empower their girls. The workbook is being used in their community, in our community, in every community.

The Pamoja Girls Leaders Book and the Girls Book are made for social organisations, schools, sports clubs or any other kind of organization, association or company that unites teenage girls. The purpose of the books are to create informal conversations, debates and talks through workshops with exercises among topics like for example my boobs, my uniqueness or my special place.

Pamoja Girls Books

The Leaders Book

The Leaders Book is for leaders, teachers, coaches or any women's leader who wishes to inspire teenage girls on a journey towords empowering them to believe in themselves!

Pamoja Girls Books

The Girls Book

The Girls Book include illustrations and quotes related to each of the workshops in the Leaders Book. A complemtet to the Leaders Book and the session meant as a safe place for the girls to look, get inspired, take notes and follow during the  workshops. 


Discover our Story

February 2020

Pamoja Girls is founded with the vision to make all girls in the world believe in themselves and each other!

Johanna & Vendela
Pamoja Girls Local Ambassadors

 September 2020

50 Women in Sweden and Denmark have come together to start creating the Pamoja Girls Books.

May 2021

The Book is halfway finished and the first Country ambassadors have joined Pamoja Girls. 

Zoom Meeting Pamoja Girls
Pamoja Girls Country Ambassador

 October 2021

The first drafts of the books are tested and feedback from the workshops is reflected back to make sure that the material is fitting for all girls in the world.  

January 2022

The content of the book is finished and Josefine Johansson, Hilda Englund and Emma Enblom join us as our magical team of Graphic designers to create all the illustrations for the final copy!

My Trust - Pamoja Girls
Pamoja Girls Books

 December 2022

The Pamoja Girls Books are finally complete, printed and ready to be sent to schools, organisations and other places where teenage girls meet. 

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