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2 x Pamoja Girls

Country Ambassador Claudia - Kenya

Claudia found Pamoja Girls while browsing the web to create a website for her organisation in Kenya = Pamoja Girls. Delighted to find an organisation with the same name a bit further north :)

Who is Claudia?

My name is Claudia Dhahabu Kenga from Kenya. Claudia is a young Giriama lady who has reached where she is through the help of well wishers. It's because of that that she decided to give back to her community by assisting the girl child, and that is why she founded PAMOJA Girls. Through the community based organisation known as PAMOJA Girls we have been able to support a lot of Girls with menstrual hygiene management products.

Who is an inspiration of yours?

My inspiration has always been myself, being the first born in my family, and after the death of my mother, I knew all the parental responsibilities were on me, to make sure that my siblings are always OK. I have lived believing that even though I am a young lady, I can do it.

What change do you wish to see in your community/country?

I would love to see a community full of empowered young women , women who can also work and earn, learn, and also be involved in decision making process, without them forgetting their positions in their families.

Where should we eat if we come to your community?

Welcome to this amazing country Kenya, we have so many nice places here and affordable, you don't want to miss Kambi Villas which is just near the airport. Amazing food, and drinks and a serene environment




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